Frouke ten Velden, Media Artist and VJ/Sculptor based in AmsterdamFrouke has always had a profound interest in the vague terrain and stirring area between the arts and other scenes and disciplines. As a VJ she prefers to work from a fixed space from where she can compose her concept, based on the existing (architectural) design of the location. She is particularly interested in the spatial qualities of light and projection and herein works to expand on her visual library in a sculptural manner. As VJ F she became known in the Amsterdam nightlife and club scene. Besides her work amongst various organizations from the Amsterdam house and techno scene, she engages with live music and stage design. She enjoys working alongside art events and festivals and has been working with various organizations, like the van Gogh museum, Eye Film institute, TodaysArt festival, Playgrounds Festival and the Polish Videozone festival. Using the club and dance scene as her core artistic ecosystem and playground, she is eager to explore on her work in different contexts, like public space and art institutions, performance art, dance and theatre and has taken up the role as art director for various projects.

Besides her active role as a maker and performer, she also teaches film and photography at The Rijksmuseum where she is part of the Rijksmuseum’s Media-Lab team and currently teaches Live Visual Performance and Videomapping at the art academy – Amsterdam school of Arts (AHK/BvO).


Seen with Rijksmuseum Medialab, Eye Film institute,  Van Gogh museum, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, The Anne Frank house Amsterdam, VICE, The Creators Project, TodaysArt festival, Fiber festival, Sonic Acts-Blogger, Videozone-Poland, Kantor,  NIMk | Monte Video, W139, Bradfolff Projects, Artistic Research UvA, Embrace recordings, In deep’n dance records,, Vision Impossible, Sense Studios, Entree, Overdose, Hyves, Rituals, Margriet, Smirnoff, Jager Meister, Upstream Advertising, Onderstroom, Electronation, My Baby

Seen at Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum, Eye Film Institute,Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Videozone festival, TodaysArt festival, Kantor art & technology festival, Playgrounds festival, Loveland, Dancevalley, Valtifest, Vrij festival, Magneet festival, ADE-Amsterdam Dance Event,  Boothstock, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Harmony of Hardcore, Zigo Dome,  Canvas op de 7e, Het Volkshotel, Trouw, Paradiso, De Melkweg, Sugar Factory, Studio 80, WesterUnie, Air Amsterdam, Patronaat, Pand 14, Radion, W139, OT301, Korsakoff, Fringe theatre festival Amsterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Nederlands Film Festival, TEDx.



Prehistoric Rhythm MY BABYmusic (2013-present)
Art director and videodesign (live) Scenography / VJ & light design, MY BABY (Band)


VJ Sculpture, art project: sculpture as a medium for VeeJaying (present)

Live perfromance 5 days ADE 2016 at Marktkantine


De Dijk, Theater tour (present)

Video decor, De Dijk (band)


Van Dik Hout, Theater tour (present)

Art director, decor and (live) scenography/visuals, Van Dik Hout (band)


Face It! SandraVan Nieuwland – music-theatre (2016)
Art director (live) scenography/visuals and light design, SandraVan Nieuwland (singer)


ANIMA – art installation (2014-2016)
Art director ANIMA, a series of works that explores how we relate to a digital entity. ANIMA questions concepts on interaction, reality and intelligence. ANIMA was created in colaboration with onformative studio for generative design.


SMART – dance theatre (2015)
Art director video and video production, dance SMART Danstheater AYA.


Alles is Anders (Everything is Different) Henny Vrienten– Music-theatre (2015)
Art director (live) scenography and light design theatre show Alles is Anders, Henny Vrienten (singer)


SUN CITY II – Engaged music-theatre (2015)
Art director video, theatre performance (live) scenography SUN CITY II: socio-political musical theatre. Commissioned Jan Rotman and KSI, produced by Production Melkweg-Paradiso and Over het IJ.


BIG Words @ van Gogh museum- art installation (2015)
Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation, BIG Words. For a month the plant Big Words, the show and do. Visitors were invited to participate in the work of art that grew over the period of one month.


The Lightbulb- Sculpture for VeeJaying – art installation (2013-2016)
Kinetic artwork, prototype for live performance: inter-play with lights and shadows.


SON – theatre (2013)
Scenography theater SON, Tryater Leeuwarden.


The Dark Side of Amsterdam, Videomapping- art installation (2013)
Amsterdam Light Festival, opening interactive video mapping, Art Direction, in collaboration with Medialab Amsterdam


End of Story – music/theatre(2013)
Amsterdam Fringe theatre festival, theatre End of Story, De Balie, Amsterdam


Willem of Oranje Musical –musical (2010)
Theatre set design and video production, tour (NL)



Teacher Breitner Academy, Live visual performance and videomapping, (2016)
Exam Tutor VJ academy (2016)
Video Mapping workshop Factory (2016)
FIBER festival, Artist talk, (2015)
Video Mapping workshop PierK (2015)
Rijksmuseum N8, Photography like Rembrandt Workshop (2014)
Beamlab, talk about video mapping Amsterdam Light Festival (2013)


Doe Maar & KennyB, 5446 Is My Number
Sandra van Nieuwland, Stop the Clocs
MY BABY, Remedy II
MY BABY, live at Paradiso VooDoo Electrique series