Media Artist and VJ-Sculptor

Frouke ten Velden, Media Artist and VJ-Sculptor based in Amsterdam. As VJ Frouke approaches her set (her visuals and devices) as a musician approaches his instrument. In her sculptural work, she explores the boundaries and meaning of sculpture and herein seeks the possibilities light and projection. Her work has been shown at various galleries and Art festivals like the Van Gogh Museum, Eye Film Institute, TodaysArt festival and the international Rio mapping festival.

(Live) Scenographer and art director

She works as (live) scenographer and art director of theater, music and dance performances. From The National Ballet or an orchestra playing Shostakovich to an Eco-Political theater play in the empty shipyards of Amsterdam. Frouke has worked as (live) scenographer with several Dutch music legends like Henny Vrienten – Doe Maar, De Dijk, Van Dik Hout and is artdirector of the live shows for the psychedelic blues-funk band MY BABY.

Besides her role as a maker and performer, she also teaches film and photography at The Rijksmuseum where she is part of the Rijksmuseum’s Media-Lab team, gives workshops in videomapping and concepting and teaches Live Visual Performance and Videomapping at the Breitner Academy – Amsterdam school of Arts (AHK).

Previously mentioned projects were supported by StimuleringsFonds Creatieve industrie, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and Fonds Podiumkunsten


Artist Statement

“As live visual performers, we bring our tools,  which are basically just a set of rules, a composition or a method which enables us to work live. (…)  I use VJ as an umbrella term for most of my work, it’s not necessarily referring to video, so even when I find myself welding sculptures. For me, it feels all the same: Creating content, content to work with, live.”


Seen with Rijksmuseum Medialab, Eye Film Institute,  Van Gogh Museum, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, The Anne Frank House Amsterdam.Rio mapping Festival 2017 (Brazil), LPM -Live Performers Meeting 2015-2017, Amsterdam Dance Event 2015-2017 expo, TodaysArt festival, Fiber Festival, Videozone(Poland), Kantor art & technology festival, Playgrounds Festival, Kantor,  NIMk | Monte Video, W139, Volkshotel,

Rio mapping Festival 2017 (Brazil), LPM -Live Performers Meeting 2015-2017, Amsterdam Dance Event 2015-2017 expo, TodaysArt festival, Fiber Festival, Videozone(Poland), Kantor art & technology festival, Playgrounds Festival, Kantor,  NIMk | Monte Video, W139, Volkshotel, Bradfolff Projects

Featured by Expo Magazine, Parool, The Creators Project, Vice





Kunst Nacht, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen

LPM Live performers Meeting 2017, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, 5 days expo

Rio Mapping Festival, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Artist Residency



ADE, 2016, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, Live performance 5 days at Marktkantine Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation and live performance, Amsterdam



Van Gogh Museum, N8 ANIMA, Amsterdam

TEDx, ANIMA 2, Delft

Lehrter Siebzehn, ANIMA 2, Berlin

KANTOR music-art-technology, ANIMA 2, Amsterdam



VolksHotel, ANIMA 1, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation, Big Words, Amsterdam

Bradwolff Projects, The Lightbulb a sculpture for VeeJaying, Amsterdam

Het Kunstenaarsbal, The Lightbulb a sculpture for VeeJaying, Tropical Institute, Amsterdam



Amsterdam Light Festival, Video Mapping Moses and Aaron Church, Amsterdam

W139, group exhibition, The Primitives, Amsterdam

VIDEO ZONE, International Digital Arts Festival (performance),Katowiche, Poland



Eye Film Institute (performance), Museum Night, Amsterdam

TodaysArt Festival (NL), (perfromance), video mapping club nights, The Hague




Prehistoric Rhythm MY BABY–music (2013-present)
Art director and video design (live) Scenography / VJ & light design, MY BABY (Band)
VJ Sculpture, art project: sculpture as a medium for VeeJaying

Kunst Nacht, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, Galerie Bart, Nijmegen

LPM Live performers Meeting 2017, 5 days expo
Rio Mapping Festival, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Artist Residency
Live performance 5 days ADE 2016 at Marktkantine Amsterdam

National Ballet, Het Nationale Opera en Ballet & Het ballet Orkest

Art director, content creation,  (live) scenography/visuals (Ballet)
5 ‘O Clock Class, dance Academy

Art director, content creation, (live) scenography/visuals (Modern dance and Hiphop)
De Dijk, Theatre tour (GROEF)
Scenograpy-video decor, content creation,  De Dijk (band)

Van Dik Hout, Theatre tour (Alles want naar boven drijft)
Art director, content creation,  decor and (live) scenography/visuals, Van Dik Hout (band)
Sandra van Nieuwland, Theatre tour (Face It!)

Art director (live) scenography and lighting design, Sandra van Nieuwland (Singer Songwriter)

ANIMA – art installation (2014-2016)
2014-2016 Art director ANIMA, a series of works that explores how we relate to a digital creature. Questioning concepts on  interaction, reality and intelligence.
SMART – dance theatre
2015 Art director video and video production, dance SMART Danstheater AYA.

Henny Vrienten -DoeMaar – Music- Theatre tour (Alles is Anders)
Art director, content creation, (live) scenography and light design, Henny Vrienten. (musician)

SUN CITY II –music-theatre
Art director video, theatre performance (live) scenography SUN CITY II: socio-political musical theatre. Commissioned by Jan Rotman and KSI, produced by Melkweg-Paradiso and Over ‘t IJ.

BIG Words – art installation

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation, BIG Words, over the period of one month participants helped the work grow.


The Lightbulb- Sculpture for VeeJaying – art installation (2013-2016)
Kinetic artwork, prototype for live performance: inter-play with lights and shadows.
SON – theatre
Scenography theatre SON, Tryater Leeuwarden.

The Dark Side of Amsterdam – art installation /videomapping
Amsterdam Light Festival, opening interactive video mapping, Art Direction, in collaboration with Medialab Amsterdam

End of Story – music –theatre

Amsterdam Fringe theater festival, theater End of Story, De Balie, Amsterdam

Willem of Oranje Musical – musical (2010)

Theatre set design and video production, tour (NL)



Eye on Art, Eye Film Institute, Exam VJ Academy (2017)
Teacher Breitner Academy, Live visual performance and videomapping, (2016)
Exam Tutor VJ academy (2016)
Video Mapping workshop Factory (2016)
FIBER festival, Artist talk, (2015)
Video Mapping workshop PierK (2015)
Rijksmuseum N8, Photography like Rembrandt Workshop (2014)
Beamlab, talk about video mapping Amsterdam Light Festival (2013)



MY BABY Love Dance
Doe Maar & KennyB, 5446 Is My Number
Sandra van Nieuwland, Stop the Clocs
MY BABY, Remedy II
MY BABY, live at Paradiso VooDoo Electrique series