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  • RIJKSMUSEUM | Videoinstallation

    Videoinstalation for the exhibition Japanese Laquer I was asked to create a space to bring the visitors into a state of silence & slowing down and […]
  • Cappella Amsterdam

    alBahr – Mare Nostrum Cappella Amsterdam Lichtontwerp, scenografie en Installatieskunst Eng lBahr mare Nostrum, : Our sea. The Mediterranean Sea that divides and connects us. ‘Western’ […]
  • TimeSpace performance

    Vision is primarily a space sense, while hearing is primarily a time sense, for good physical reasons  Frank Wilczek TimeSpace is a audio-visual dance performance that […]
  • Soin et Lumiere | Videomapping

    Maria Louise was here , een videomapping op de gevel van het Princessenhof dat op een poëtische en beeldende manier een vertelling laat zien van het […]
  • CANVAS Videokunst op De Harmonie

    CANVAS 2021  During the month of January, the theatre De Harmonie will be brought to life through a media art project by artist Frouke ten Velden, […]
  • Resonance AV research

    Resonance is a cross-disciplinary project that examines how you can make a translation from one to the other medium. More than a project, ist a place […]
  • Cross Media \\VECTOR X Eventide

    Eventide, immersive theatre with interdisciplinary performance company House of Makers at Ostade A’dam, where my Sculptures were part of this dance theatre experience and took on the […]