Artist Statement
“As live visual performers, we bring our tools, which are basically just a set of rules, a method which enables us to work live. (…) for me live a visual performance does not necessarily refer to video, so even when I find myself welding sculptures. For me, it feels all the same: Creating content, content to work with, live.”

Sculptor and live visual performer

Frouke ten Velden, Media Artist and live visual performer based in Amsterdam. As live visual performer Frouke approaches her set (her visuals and devices) as a musician approaches his instrument. In her sculptural work, she explores the boundaries and meaning of sculpture through light, and herein seeks the possibilities of sculpture as a performative medium. Her work has been shown at various galleries and Art festivals like Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,  the Van Gogh Museum, Eye Film Institute, TodaysArt festival and the international Rio mapping festival(Br), Fotonica (It) and LPM festival and  art spaces zoals MU, Eindhoven, W139 Amsterdam en Galerie Bart Nijmegen. 

(Live) Scenographer and art director

She works as (live) scenographer and art director of theater, music and dance performances. She often finds herself on the cross section of various artistic scenes. Like her collaborative projects wherein she works with artists and musicians from different fields and backgrounds. From The National Ballet, The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, 12 hr long DJ sets, or a Socio-Political theater play in the empty shipyards of Amsterdam. She has a continued collaboration with dance theater collective House of Makers, Musical Theatre Sun City, ensemble FUSE, the band MY BABY and individual artists like Opera Singer Tania Kross.


Besides her role as a maker and performer, she also develops workshops and teaches film and photography at The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. She annually provides masterclasses in Live Visual Performance and Video-Mapping at the Breitner Academy – Amsterdam school of Arts (AHK) and  HkU, Interactive Performance Design and the VJ Academy Amsterdam where she is also a senior member of


Artistic Research (Research Master) at the University of Amsterdam (2015)

Art History,  University of Amsterdam, (2012)

Amsterdam Art Academy (2009 )

Previously mentioned projects were supported by StimuleringsFonds Creatieve Industrie, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst and Fonds Podiumkunsten



Mediakunstenaar en live visual performer

Mediakunstenaar en live visual performer Frouke ten Velden benaderd haar werk (visuals, installaties, materialen en tools) zoals een muzikant zijn instrument benaderd. Ten Velden specialiseert zich in het maken van sculpturen en ruimtelijk installaties om live mee op te treden. In haar sculpturale werk verkent ze de grenzen van sculptuur en onderzoekt hierin de mogelijkheden van licht en videoprojectie.

Haar werk is te zien geweest op verschillende kunst festivals en instituten zoals Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, het Van Gogh Museum, Eye Film Institute, TodaysArt festival, ADE-playground, en het international Rio mapping (Br), Fotonica (It), LPM-festival en art spaces zoals MU, Eindhoven, W139 Amsterdam en Galerie Bart Nijmegen.

(live) Scenograaf en artdirector

Ten Velden werkt als (live) scenograaf en artdirector van muziek, theater en dansvoorstellingen. Haar werk bevindt zich op de grens van verschillende artistieke disciplines. Ten Velden heeft een achtergrond in elektronische muziekscene, ze werkt als artistiek regisseur en (live) scenograaf, regelmatig samen met nationale en internationale componisten, choreografen en theatermakers uit verschillende scenes. Van Het Nationale Ballet, Het Radio Filharmonisch Orkest tot  12 uur durende DJ-sets of een sociaal-politiek theaterstuk in de lege scheepswerven van Amsterdam. 

Ze heeft een duurzame samenwerking met dans theater collectief House of Makers, muziektheater Sun City, ensemble FUSE en de band MY BABY waar ze visueel verantwoordelijk is voor de liveshows en individuele artiesten zoals operazangeres Tania Kross.

Educatie en masterclasses

Naast haar rol als maker en performer ontwikkelt en verzorgd o.a. film en fotografie workshops bij Het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Ze geeft regelmatig masterclasses en lessen in Live Visual Performance en Video-Mapping aan o.a. de Breitner Academie – Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHk), aan de HkU studenten Interactive Performance Design en aan de VJAcademy Amsterdam waar ze senior lid is van​


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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, The Anne Frank House Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Photo Atelier, Eye Film Institute, Koninklijk theater Carre, Nationale Opera en Ballet (Stopera).

Rio mapping Festival 2017 (Brazil), LPM -Live Performers Meeting 2015-2017, Amsterdam Dance Event 2015-2017 expo, TodaysArt festival, Fiber Festival, Videozone(Poland), Kantor art & technology festival, Playgrounds Festival,  NIMk | Monte Video, W139, Volkshotel, Bradfolff Projects, Galerie Bart, N8 Amsterdam, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht,  A’dam Toren.

Featured in

A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands, Expo Magazine, Parool, The Creators Project, Vice, Leeuwarder Courant. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


Resonance, Artistic research, autonomous work, audiovisual. 2020-present

Research into the possibilities of translating music into spatial objects and vice versa: to use a spatial design as a graphic score.


MACA, Moving Arts Center Amsterdam

Fotonica festival (It)

The world we live in Festival, Groningen

Neo Shibuya; 30 sec. museum (Tokyo)

RADION Amsterdam

Artspace MU Eindhoven

Melkweg Amsterdam

DRAKA, Amsterdam

November Music den Bosch (in collaboration with ensemble FUSE)

De Kleine Komedie Amsterdam (in collaboration with ensemble FUSE)


Tania Kross, Van Curaçao tot Concertgebouw, Opera 2023


IRIS art installation, Schouwburg Hengelo, November-Januari, 2022


IRIS art installation, No Art – Synergy festival, Amsterdam 202


CANVAS, public video art installation, video mapping on the facade of theatre the Harmonie, Leeuwarden. 2020-2021


Maria Louise Was Here, Videomapping – Son et Lumiere, Princessehof Fries Museum, 2021-2022


Tania Kross, From Mozart to Madonna, Opera 2019-2020

Artistic director of video production, scenography and lighting design


MY BABY, band, pop music 2013-present

Artistic director of video production, (live) scenography / visuals


Michel van der Aa, Music video, 2020

Queen of the Night, album Time Falling


De Dijk, band, Theatertour Groef, pop music 2017

Artistic director video video production, video decor


Doe Maar, club tour, pop music 2020-2021

Artistic director of video production, scenography and lighting design


House of Makers, Eventide, Danstheater 2018

Scenography and installation art


\\VECTOR : VJ Sculpture, art project: sculpture as a medium for VeeJaying (present)

A’dam Tower, Performance Exhibition, December 22, 2018

Eventide, Theatre & Dance with the House Of Makers, March 10-12 2018

A’dam Tower, Performance Exhibition, March 11, 2018

Galerie Bart, Museum Night, Nijmegen, September 3, 2017

LPM Live performers Meeting 2017, 5 days expo, May 2017

Rio Mapping Festival, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Artist Recidency, April 2017

Live perfromance 5 days ADE -Amsterdam Dance Event at Marktkantine Amsterdam, October 2016 


Dutch National Opera and Ballet & The Ballet Orchestra, Amsterdam I am 2017

Artistic director of video production, (live) scenography / visuals


ANIMA, interactive art installation 2014-present

Art director ANIMA, a series of works that explores how we relate to a digital entity. ANIMA explores concepts on interaction, reality and intelligence. ANIMA was created in collaboration with onformative studio for generative design and is continued to be exhibited by studio NV.

SXSW, Texas, US

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

TEDx, Delft

Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin, DE

KANTOR music-art-technology, Amsterdam

Volkshotel, ANIMA 1, Amsterdam


The Lightbulb Project, light sculpture.  2015

Bradwolff Projects, The Lightbulb a sculpture for VeeJaying Amsterdam

Het Kunstenaarsbal, The Light Bulb a sculpture for VeeJaying, Tropeninstituut Amsterdam


Van Gogh Museum, Friday evening, residency 2016

Video work inspired by various exhibitions at the Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam


Todays Art Festival,  The Hague 2016

video mapping, VJ club nights


Eye Fiminstitute, Museum Night, Amsterdam 2016

Live visual Performance


AYA Danstheater, S.M.A.R.T. 2016

Artistic director of video and video production


Henny Vrienten, Theatertour (Alles is Anders) 2015

Artistic director (live) Scenography and lighting design theater tour


SUN CITY II – Music Theater 2015

(live) Scenography theater performance SUN CITY II, Engaged socio-political music theater. Commissioned by Jan Rotmans and KSI, by Production House Melkweg Paradiso & Over het IJ.


Face It! SandraVan Nieuwland – music-theatre (2016)

Art director (live) scenography/visuals and light design, SandraVan Nieuwland (singer)


BIG Words @ van Gogh museum- art installation (2015)

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation, A production.

Visitors were invited to participate in the work of art, that grew over the period of one month.


The Lightbulb- Sculpture for VeeJaying – art installation (2013-2016)

Kinetic artwork, a prototype for live performance: interplay with lights and shadows.


SON – theatre (2013)

Scenography theater SON, Tryater Leeuwarden.


The Dark Side of Amsterdam, Videomapping- art installation (2013)

Amsterdam Light Festival, opening interactive video mapping, Art Direction, in collaboration with Medialab Amsterdam


End of Story – music/theatre(2013)

Amsterdam Fringe theater festival, theater End of Story, De Balie, Amsterdam


Willem of Oranje Musical –musical (2010)

Theatre set design and video production, tour. A production. (NL)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]



3D mapping Techniques and VJing Masterclass at Salwa foundation/Studio Yalla (2018)

Maxavision Revised,  the archive of Peter Rubin,  Eye Film Institute,  (2018)

Jury, Eye on Art Research lab, Eye Film Institute, Exam VJAcademy (2017)

Teacher Breitner Academy, Live visual performance and videomapping, (2016)

Exam Tutor VJ academy (2016)

Video Mapping workshop Factory (2016)

FIBER Festival, Artist talk, (2015)

Video Mapping workshop PierK (2015)

Rijksmuseum N8, Photography like Rembrandt Workshop (2014)

Beamlab, talk about video mapping Amsterdam Light Festival (2013)




A’dam Tower, Performance Exhibition, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, December 22, 2018

A’dam Tower, Performance Exhibition, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, March 11, 2018

Gallerie Bart, Museum Night Nijmegen, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, September 3, 2017

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2017, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, May 2017

Rio Mapping Festival, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, April 2017

ADE, 2016, \\VECTOR VJ Sculpture, (performance), Marktkantine, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation and performance, Amsterdam, 2016

Van Gogh Museum, N8 ANIMA, Amsterdam, 2015

TEDx, ANIMA 2, Delft, 2015

Lehrter Siebzehn, ANIMA 2, Berlin, 2014

KANTOR music-art-technology, ANIMA 2, Amsterdam, 2014

VolksHotel, ANIMA 1, Amsterdam, 2014

Van Gogh Museum, temporary installation, Big Words, Amsterdam, 2014

Bradwolff Projects, The Lightbulb a sculpture for VeeJaying, Amsterdam, 2014

Het Kunstenaarsbal, The Lightbulb a sculpture for VeeJaying, Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, 2014

Amsterdam Light Festival, Video Mapping Moses and Aaron Church, Amsterdam 2013

W139, group exhibition, The Primitives, Amsterdam, 2013

VIDEO ZONE, International Digital Arts Festival (performance), Poland 2013

Eye Film Institute (performance), Museum Night, Amsterdam 2012

Todays Art Festival (NL), (perfromance), 2012


MY BABY Love Dance

Doe Maar & KennyB, 5446 Is My Number

Sandra van Nieuwland, Stop the Clocks

MY BABY, Remedy II

MY BABY, live at Paradiso VooDoo Electrique series