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I was asked to create a space to bring the visitors into a state of silence & slowing down and film the objects up close.

The space shows three circles slowly moving extreme closeups. The exhibition design was done by studio Irma Boom.

The film is accompanied by a soundscape Nicholas Thayer made from recordings of the traditional polishing of the boxes with charcoal.

The exhibition was curated by Menno Fritski.

About the exhibition

The shimmering golden branches of a willow tree, a vigilant praying mantis standing atop an aubergine, sunlight falling on a flower: the exhibition shows the spectacular detail and beauty of Japanese lacquer.

The fascinating art of lacquer painting could be described as essentially Japanese. It’s painting presents a dream world inspired by the nature of classical Japanese literature. The creation of lacquer art demands incredible feats of concentration and attention, sometimes over a period of years, with their scenes made up of many dozens of meticulously painted layers of lacquer.

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