House of makers, experimental dance-theatre, 10-12 March, Ostade theater, Amsterdam

More info soon… Stay tuned!


“Maxavision Revisited” The Peter Rubin Collection, VJ performance, February 15, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam

Very excited to re-enact a VJ performance of Peter Rubin, legendary and pioneer in the VJ scene.  For this project, we have decided to focus on Rubin’s VJ work in the 1980’s and 1990’s, as we see it as the core of this collection, and assess the overlaps between his film and VJ practice. Colleagues at have always had a warm friendship with Peter Rubin as he left him a part of his VHS material. Veejays. com joined forces with Eye film institute to archive his work. At the end of this project, I shall give a VJ performance with VHS alongside my dearest VJ VISH and the VJ Jedi Daan Nolen.






Temporary Video installation, commissioned by VU,  26 January, Singelkerk, Amsterdam


Fris, Lichtfabriek, 26 January, Haarlem


Radio Filharmonisch Orchestra  performing Brahms 1, Pieces of Tomorow, 25 January, Tivoli Vredenburg


MY BABY ::::: EuroSonic Noorderslag, 19 + 20 January, Groningen


Project Insides, Wester Unie, 20 January, Amsterdam


Van Dik Hout  VeeMee for F, 5 Januiary, Paradiso, Amsterdam


Tropical Retreat 1-15 January, Cabo Verde


MY BABY ::::: End of the Year Extravaganza, 23 December,  Tivoli, Utrecht


Somnium, Audio-Visual dance theatre, 21 December, De Lawei, Drachten


F for VeeMee, ING Winterparty, 14 December, AFAS Live, Amsterdam


MY BABY ::::: Prehistoric Rythm  FALL TOUR

23/11 Paard Den Haag

24/11 013 Tilburg

25/11  Hedon, Zwolle

30/11 de Gieterij Maastricht

1/12 Grenswerk Venlo

2/12 Patronaat Haarlem

16/12 Neushoorn Leeuwarden


MY BABY ::::: Prehistoric Rythm  Eastern Europe Tour

11/11 Lubliana

12/11 Rijeka

13/11 Zagreb


Somnium, Audio-Visual dance theatre, 4&5 November, Leeuwarden, Frysland

Somnium – Latin for dream – is an audiovisual presentation of The Black Atlantic, stage name of singer and musician Geert van der Velde. It is an ambitious performance of musical compositions, sound collages, light, visuals and modern dance, which put together a carefully staged dream world to life. The terrain that is explored is the human subconscious mind.


F for VeeMee, VAMA, Sala Polivalenta, 11 October, Bucharest, Romania

VAMA is one of Romania’s most popular rock bands. It was founded around Tudor Chirila and Eugen Caminschi who split up from VAMA VECHE, a highly appreciated band founded in 1996. Continuing the tradition of the former band VAMA became one of the most beloved local groups. 


F For VeeMee Les Mills @ Gashouder, 7 Oktober, Amsterdam 


Try Out, Somnium, 6 October, Leeuwarden, Frysland

Audio-Visual dance theatre

Project Insides Clubnight, The Field, Fairmont & Luke Abbott, 29 September, Wester Unie, Amsterdam

Excited about the new collaboration with Project insides, a social movement which stands for self-development, creating a meaningful life.


Exhibition \\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture at Galerie Bart, The Art Of Dance, Kunstnacht : Doornroosje @ galerie Bart, Nijmegen

Honoured to be part of the Art of Dance, organized by Doorn Roosje, where a select group of artist from the scene, are asked to display our work at Galerie Bart during the Nijmeegse Kunstnacht.

\\VECTOR PERFORMATIVE SCULPTURE, Steel, fabric, mirrors, led, projection mapping

\\VECTOR is sponsored by Resolume VJ Software & DiGidot Technologies



Paradiso Clubnight, 17 August, Paradiso, Amsterdam


Lakedance festival for VeeMee Visuals, 12 August, Aquabest/Eindhoven, NL


3D immersive video projection, 4 agust @ Supperclub, Amsterdam


Lustrum Fest, Vision Impossible represented by F, 15 july, Taets, Amsterdam

An evening dedicated to the Wright Brothers.


Het Nationale Opera en Ballet, Amsterdam AM I, 8+9 July, De Stopera, Amsterdam

Dutch National Ballet develops, produces and presents ballet at the highest international level. With Amsterdam AM I, we aim to reach a wide public and bring today’s audience into contact with the beauty and passion of this art form.

Amsterdam AM I, is a collaboration with the Nationaal Ballet en Het Balletorkest and is a production.


BosPop +MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, July 9

Someone recorded it watch it: HERE


PinkPopMY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, July 4

Check the live show HERE!


Down the Rabbit Hole + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 23

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Down The Rabbit Hole says adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture in the uncurbed 1960s… Good company, so get ready to tumble… _(CHECK LAST YEARS PERFORMANCE HERE)


Mystic Garden Festival, COMPOUND stage, June 17, Amsterdam 

Great to be back again with my friends from COMPOUND music, looking forward to this awesome day of raw techno. The Mystic Garden is a paradise where time has no meaning, it is a place where people can discover the magic of an enchanted secret place where life and music and creativity come together.


5 O’ Clock Class, Dance, theater De Meervaart, June 16, Amsterdam

(live) scenography for the dance piece 5 O’Clock Class.

5 embodies 5 elements: fire, water, earth, metal, wood.  A group of choreographers took their inspriration from the key words  Creation, Destruction, Insulting and Overacting.


De Dijk, GROEF, scenography, a touring production of 32 shows, april- june 2017

Honored to have made the videodeor for De Dijk. This legendary band left its traces in the Dutch music scene. De Dijk toured over 35 years in Rock and pop venues, arenas and festivals all over the country and are now comming to the theatre with their new show GROEF (groove). Directed by Timothy de Gilde, decor by Janne Sterke.


IFOT – Technology Festival + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 9

Pinkpop + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 4

Ribs and Blues + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 4

PinkPop is the oldest and longest running annual dedicated pop and rock music festival in the world. Nowadays, Pinkpop is a three-day festival, with a 60,000 people per day capacity. During 44 editions acts that appeared at Pinkpop are Green Day, Paul McCartney, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, The Police, R.E.M., The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and U2.


Exhibiting \\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture at LPM -Live Performers Meeting, 18-21 May, Radion, Amsterdam

Honored to be part of the biggest international Live Performers meet-up. LPM 2017 Amsterdam offers the unique opportunity to experience 4 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by artists, professionals, and video passionates from 40 countries.


Het Vrije Westen, Bevrijdings Festival Amsterdam, May 5, Amsterdam

Back again on Liberation Day weher  I’ll be VeeJaying Mainstage at the annual Amsterdam festival where liberation and freedom are celebrated.


Bevrijdings Festival Utrecht + MY BABY, May 5, Utrecht

Hopping over to Utrecht for a closing set with MY BABY…


\\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture 2.0 at Rio Mapping Festival, April 3- May 3, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

Excited to be part of Rio Mapping Festival 2017. After \\VECTOR which premiered during Amsterdam Dance Event, I’ll be making a site-specific piece \\VECTOR 2.0 to exhibit and perform during Rio Mapping Festival


\\VECTOR PERFORMATIVE SCULPTURE, Steel, fabric, mirrors, led, projection mapping

\\VECTOR is sponsored by Resolume VJ Software & DiGidot Technologies


Prehistoric Rhythm tour, MY BABY 2017

17/03 Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
23/03 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
29/03 De Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
30/03 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2017

After a great success in the first part of the tour, we’re coming back with again a series of twenty more theatre shows for which I did art direction, stage design and will be joining to do live visuals. For the second half I’m really happy to have VEEMEE visuals continue the show while I’m off to Brazill with \\VECTOR-VJ sculpture.


Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2017











Van Dik Hout on stage, january 5, Paradiso, Amsterdam

good start of the year with Van Dik Hout, no theatre show this time, we’ll be rocking ur socks off at Paradiso.


Believe Your Eyes Festival, december 12, Supperclub, Amsterdam

3D immersive video projection, visual heaven at Believe Your Eyes Festival hosted by

Joining in with my VJ gang to make something really special at Supperclub Amsterdam.


PARADISO, Prehistoric Rhythm, MY BABY, december 7, Amsterdam



Premiere VJ SCULPTURE, De Marktkantine,  ADE 2016

Exited to premier my Sculpture as a medium for VeeJaying during ADE weekend.

I consider light as energy rather than static mass and therefore as a medium. Unlike other media such as text, video or even speech, the notions of light, sound and thought carry no other medium within them. Within this project I am exploring the sculpture as material for VJing. For this object I work with the basic notion of light that travels trough space and is intersected by physical material where after it is reflected, absorbed transformed or intensified.

ADE day1 :: 19/10 PAN- POT


ADE day3 :: 21/10 DJ HARVEY 9 HOUR SET


ADE day5 :: 23/10 MEAVE & SOHASO


Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2016/2017

Very happy to be working with the band Van Dik Hout. We’ll be doing a series of forty theatre shows for which I did art direction, stage design and will be joining to do live visuals. And I’m looking forward working with VEEMEE again as she and her crew will support me in this tour.


Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2016










29/9 NIEUWE NOR – Heerlen

30/9 Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

1/10Luxor Live, Arnhem

2/10 De Effenaar, Eindhoven

6/10 Fluor, Amersfoort

8/10 De Victorie, Alkmaar


De Nacht van de Eusebius, 17/ 9, Eusebius Church, Arnhem

A memorial of the battle of Arnhem film, music, dance, theatre. I’ll be working with the unique moving images (in coulor) shot after the destruction of Arnhem (WWII). The film was shot by Alex Roostorp and recently found in archive of the Eye film institute.


S.M.A.R.T (reprise), AYA Dance theatre :::: VISUALS BY F

S.M.A.R.T will be touring over sixty shows, be sure to check it out from September to January 2017.


Film By the Sea festival – MY BABY, september 9, Vlissingen

Land Juweel – MY BABY, august 13,  Ruigoord

Surround | immersive videomapping, July 30,  Supperclub, Amsterdam

Since moving to the historical odeon building, supperclub has redefined itself as a club location. with a sound system provided – and continuously tested – by void acoustics, a grand theater hall covered with 190 degrees of visual projections.


Theater aan de Zee, MY BABY, 1 august, Belgium

Nijmeegse vierdaagse feesten, – MY BABY, july 20, Stevenskerk

Gentse Feesten – MY BABY, july 19, Gent, Belgium

EXPEDITION FSTIVAL – MY BABY, july 16, Rotterdam

Young Arts festival, – MY BABY, july 16, Beverwijk



Down The Rabbit Hole, MY BABY, june 25, The Rabbit Hole

Rocking 96 square meters of LED at Down The Rabbit Hole:: adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture in the uncurbed 1960s


Mystic Garden Festival, COMPOUND stage, june 18, Sloterpark, Amsterdam

Time for some techno:::  happy to be joining the COMPOUND family again for a day of music loving with Christian Wünsch, Dispar Vulgo, Gloom, Shifted, Sigha, Surgeon.


Lundi Bleu with Ruben Hein en Laurens Woudenberg, june 12, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Audiovisual piece and videomapping  for the string orchestra Lundi Bleu o.l.v. Carel den Hertog with guest performances by Ruben Hein, solo-hoornist Laurens Woudenberg


A’DAM TOREN, VJ performance during members pre-opening night, june 11, Amsterdam

Exited to be one of the first to perform in  the A’DAM tower- the big tower behind Amsterdam’s Central Station, it has just finished a massive renovation and has been transformed into an iconic multifunctional tower. It is now a home to a mix of offices, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, an observation point and a revolving restaurant.


Mandala Festival, MY BABY,  june 5, Wanroij

Vestrock, MY BABY,  june 3, Hulst


LPM, Live Performers Meeting, VJ set B2B with VJ VISH for Dialogue, Tolhuistuin, Amstrdam


Het Vrije Westen, may 5, Westerpark , Amsterdam

Liberation day. Annual festival where we celebrate freedom.  Our freedom, the importance of freedom.


 Pinguin Radio Festival april 30 , MY BABY, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Back in Paradiso with the VooDoo Eectrique show


 Temporary installation, Van Gogh Musem exhibit of new work, april-june 2016, Rietveld Hall. 

Every final friday night the Van Gogh museum opens their doors,  for this occasion I’ll be making new work together with VISH/ based on their collection. It will premiere during a live performance on the 25th of april. The work will be on from april to june every final friday night. 


Live performance, Van Gogh in motion, april 29, Rietveld Hall. 

 Together with VISH I’ll be doing a live performance, the premiere of new work, during  Van Gogh’s friday night sessions:  “Vincent op Vrijdag”. 


Voodoo Electrique on Tour::::::

Back from New Zealand continuing the voodoo …

march 5, Where the Wild Things Are FESTIVAL,  Zeewolde

march 12, Crossroads Rockpalast, Bonn (DE)

march 18, Gebr de Nobel, Leiden

march 20, Mezz, Brada

march 25, Grenswerk, Venlo

march 27, Doornroosje, Nijnmegen

march 31, Vera, Groningen



Sandra van Nieuwland, Theatertour: Face it! 


Kicking off in 2016 to join  Sandra van Nieuwland and her band for her upcoming theatre show Face it!


jan 29, Theater de Meerpaal, Dronten

feb 5, ZINiN Theater, Nijverdal

feb 6, Stadstheater, Zoetermeer

feb 10,Theater De Vest, Alkmaar

feb 11,Theater De Kattendans, Bergeijk

feb 12, De Oosterpoort, Groningen

feb 13, Schouwburg Amstelveen, Amstelveen

feb 18, Schouwburg Odeon, Zwolle

feb 19, Stadsschouwburg Sittard-Geleen, Sittard

feb 25, HOF theater, Raalte

feb 26, Flint theater, Amersfoort

March 5, Theater de Veste, Delft

March 9, De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam

March 11, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhoven

March 12, Kennemer Theater, Beverwijk

March 19, Schouwburg Venray, Venray

March 20, De Rijswijkse Schouwburg, Rijswijk

March 23, Schouwburg Amphion, Doetinchem

March 24, Schouwburg Het Park, Hoorn

March 25, Schouwburg De Kring, Roosendaal

March 31, Chassé Theater, Breda

april 1, Schouwburg Orpheus, Apeldoorn

april 2, Stadsschouwburg Haarlem, Haarlem



MY BABY, january 8, Neushoorn,  Leeuwarden

MY BABY, january 9, P3, Purmerend



My Baby – Voodoo Électrique, december 23,  Paradiso, Amsterdam

Spectacular madness.. we’re gonna make the full VooDoo experience.  Finally  I can do a projection mapping at (and onto!) the Amsterdam church of music lovers, Paradiso. “Hey music lover!”


My Baby, European clubtour

dec 17, Metropool, Hengeloo

dec 13, Effenaar, Eindhoven

dec 3, Akvarium, Budapest, Hungary 


 Van Gogh Musem exhibits ANIMA, november 7, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Very happy to announce my work ANIMA will be exhibited at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

ANIMA is a series that explores the nature of living things. The installation investigates how we emotionally relate to a digital being. In order to better understand this relationship we created ANIMA: a spherical digital entity that communicates with us by interpreting our body movements and sounds. A generative being that comes to life through interaction. Like with any being, we establish a relationship with it, conscious or subconscious, intended or unintentional. In its generative audiovisual behaviour it portrays its character, and creates the illusion of being sensory.

ANIMA is a work I made together with media artist and composer Nick Verstand and is made in close collaboration with onformative studio for genartive design (Berlin), audio design by Geert Schaap, artificial intelligence design by Dirk Broenink and is sponsored by Pufferfish  spherical display (Edinburgh), Microsoft and Beamsystems (NL)



SMART, AYA Danstheater, september 22 to january 26, touring dance theatre

Exiting to be part of AYA upcoming dance theatre-play SMART. I’ll be joining in to take on the scenography and interactive -video performance of this awesome piece. Stay tuned.



Henny Vrienten, Alles is anders, theatertour 

Live scenography and light design


Looking forward to go on tour with Henny Vrienten and his band for the theater show of his upcoming album Alles is anders where I will do the live scenography video and light design.

Alles is anders, is Henny Vriente’s new album, and is the follow up for “En toch” for which I did the album realease show in November 2014. Alles is anders features Typhoon, Shirma Rouse en Guus Meeuwis. 

oct 1, Schouwburg het Park, Hoorn
oct 3, Theater Geert Teis, Stadskanaal
oct 9, Theater Heerlen, Heerlen
oct 10,  Schouwburg Odeon, Zwolle
oct 13, Oude Luxor Theater, Rotterdam
oct 14, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden
oct 29, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhoven
oct 30, De Goudse Schouwburg ,Gouda
oct 31, Schouwburg Cuijk, Cuijk
nov 4, Theater Speelhuis, Helmond
nov 7, De Lawei, Drachten
nov 11, Theater De Lievekamp, Oss
nov 12, Theater De Willem, Papendrecht
nov 13, Theater de Stoep, Spijkenisse
nov 17, De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
nov 18, De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
nov 26, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht 


MY BABY  The Fall Club Tour

 Oh Baby MY Baby, here we go again, looking forward like a red fox


Sept 16, Melkweg, Amsterdam

Oct 2, Luxor Live, Arnhem

Oct 9,Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht

Oct 10, W2 Poppodium, Hertogenbosch

Oct 15, Paard Van Troje, The Hague

Oct 16, Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

Oct 17, Gebouw T, Bergen op Zoom

Oct 22, Podium De Kelder/FLUOR, Amersfoort

Oct 23, Patronaat, Haarlem


Jägerfest, september 14, De Marktkantine, Amsterdam

VJing and sipping Jagermeister at the awesome venue De Marktkantine



Damaris Festival, My Baby, july 26, NDSM, Amsterdam

Festival season, LED season


Sun City II, Theatre play, july 2-12, Over ’t IJ festival, NDSM, Amsterdam 

The Over het IJ Festival is the summer theatre festival of Amsterdam which takes over the NDSM shipyard for eleven days and spreads from there along the banks of the IJ. Young, talented theatre makers are programmed next to famous names on various exciting locations to present their stories to the public


Mystic Garden Festival, june 20,  COMPOUND STAGE, Amsterdam

Looking forward to join the COMPOUND guys again. We’ll be rocking the loudest and only techno stage of the festival. I’ll be joining forces with Dispar Vulgo, Gloom, Regis Live [UK], Rutger Maree, Sinfol, TR//ER Live [UK] Expect some generative grungy slick industrial visuals.


Glow House, Indoor festival, may 22, Silverdome, Zoeternmeer 

3D mapping stage design with VJ 3DJL for this colorful indoor festival madness. Sound by Dyna, Genairo Nvilla, Gregor Salto, Mitch Crown, Shermanology and Sidney Samson.


FIBER FESTIVAL, Artist talk, may 16, A-Lab, Amsterdam

Honored to be asked together with Nick Verstand to give an artist talk on the ANIMA project we did with onformative, during Fiber Festival 2015: The Subterranean. Fiber is the place for artists, performers and visitors to experience cutting-edge audiovisual art, design, electronic music and code, at the forefront of contemporary digital culture.


 Shamanaid Club Tour, MY BABY,  may, The Netherlands

Still rocking with My Baby and our new live show:  Lets drink some more Shamanaid..


Volt, Shamaniaid club tour, may 23, Volt, Sittard

Hedon,  Shamaniaid club tour, may 20, Hedon, Zwolle

Cultuur Kapel, Shamaniaid club tour, may 9, Cultuur Kapel, Deurne

Asteriks,  Shamaniaid club tour, may 8, Asteriks, Leeuwarden


Shamanaid UK album launch, may 12, 229 The Venue, London

Stand-in by Susie


Bevrijdingsfestival Het Vrije Westen, may 5, Westerpark, Amsterdam

VeeJaying on main stage during liberation day: On may 5th we celebrate the dutch liberation of WW II and our freedom in general. Looking forward as it will be one of the first summer (spring I know) festivals held in my own backyard Westerpark, lets make it beautiful.  As freedom, a concept that is painfully present today as it has always been, forms the base that has resulted in our current systems.. Watch this beautiful registration of the even more beautiful Nina Simone sing about freedom in Montreux 1976: How it Feels to Be Free


Workshop 3D projection mapping,  april 4, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam

For the annual VJacamy year, we’ll be hosting a day of audio-visual art and VJ related workshops. I’ll be introducing the participants to 3D projection mapping. After this day of inspiration you can try an get yourself a year long education ^cough^ fun ^cough^ at VJacademy/, so join in and surprise us at our VJ contest held in Paradiso. 


Sun City II theatre rehearsing, march,  NDSM, Amnsterdam 

First period of rehearsing for the upcoming theatre play “Sun City II” that will be performed in the summer in de NDSM warehouses during Over ’t IJ festival. The play will take you trough the great transitions of our time, the title Sun City II  refers to the 16th century book of Tomasso Campanella “Civitas Solis”where describes utopia. Stay tuned and do not disturb, I’m  only getting out once in a while to be with My Baby..


Shamanaid Club Tour, MY BABY,  march and april, The Netherlands

Be ready  for My Baby and their crazy mad groovy new album Shamaniad. We’ll do a tour cross the Netherlands with a new live show:  she’s coming to you, you’re getting something that you won’t expect and we’ll drink some (…)


Atak,  Shamaniaid club tour, april 2, Poppodium Atak, Enschede

Doornroosje Merleyn,  Shamaniaid club tour, march 20, Doornroosje Merleyn, Nijmegen

De Spieghel,  Shamaniaid club tour, march 19, De Spieghel, Groningen

Grounds,  Shamaniaid club tour, march 14, Grounds, Rotterdam

’t Beest, Shamaniaid club tour, march 13, ’t Beest, Goes 

Album release show Melkweg, march 12, Melkweg, Amsterdam


MY BABY – UK Shamanaid, march 6,  International Live Music Conference, London

Crossing the water again with MY BABY for a first Shamaniad live show, kick off in London


Exhibiting ANIMA at TEDxDelft, 27 february, TEDx, Delft

Its both amazing and interesting to be part of (and the only) art installation at the notorious TEDx in Delft, which is due to the TU-Delft the Dutch capital of technology. Expect an impressive line-up of speakers and inspiring stories for the TED-talks. Only this time, TEDx is not just about great ideas but also about taking those ideas and making them real. Let’s Make Things Beta, is the theme for 2015. They hope to inspire us all to convert ideas and plans into actual prototypes and complete first drafts. Exciting to see what will come out of it!


F’s Tropical retreat 10 january to 20 february, Caribbean

Solar-charging, writing (mostly love letters, apart from which I’ll be catching up on my academic research), snorkeling, shooting footage,  drawing, hammocking and preparing for the summer madness.. stay tuned.


NYE in Volkshotel, 31 december, Canvas op de 7e, Amsterdam

A smashing NYE on the top floor and rooftop of Amsterdam’s pearl CANVAS op de 7e. 360 view, 360 visuals, narcotics and shiny things.


 OAK re-opening, NUNO dos Santos & Unders, 20 december, Noordwijk

VeeJaying in the renewed club, the Trouw of the west, as they say themselves: why can’t it be happening outside of the city, yes it can.. Well they have the sea. There is that. Now they also have an awesome hangout and all Trouw residencies: looks promising.


ANIMA 2 – rei, Exhibition Lehrter Siebzehn, 6 december, Berlin

Together with onformative we’ll exhibit ANIMA 2 – rei: the second generation of a series of works that explores the nature of living things. We are reaching a point where software and hardware are no longer separate things. Information and matter are merging into one. We are used to describing something digital as something fake, though it exists in the same realm of possibilities. If we consider, for example, a projected image computed by a digital machine, we should consider that photons and silicon are as well real particles in that same universe, shaping matter and energy. In perspective of all this: are we now more likely to communicate with a being that is inherently different from ourselves?


CENTRAL EUROPE VOODOO SUITE TOUR WITH MY BABY, 28 nov. 2 dec, A38 – Budapest,  Chapeau Rouge Club – Prague

Going to Budapest to perform with My Baby in club A38 which for the home-stayers shall be broadcasted on national television as well. why not. Anyway its exciting: My Baby is gonna explore new territories! Traveling to Slovakia & Serbia and end the tour in A38 Budapest and Chapeau Rouge Club in Prague 


“Transition, for lack of a better title” theatre play/scenography, 20 november, Pick-Up Club NSDM terrain, Amsterdam

“We’re not living in a time of change, but a change of time” We find ourselves on the edge of a shift of paradigms. From a vertical, central and segregated society towards a horizontal, decentralized networked society. Old systems are broken down and new ones are rebuilt. Old values disappear and new values emerge. This comes with pain, fear and loss, but also with hope, faith and trust. A fragment from Jan Rotmans book “In het oog van de orkaan” (In the eye of the hurricane) which is the starting point of an audio-visual theatre play: A collaboration between musicians Ivo Schot and Frank van Kasteren, director Jeek ten Velden and scenography by Frouke ten Velden. The piece is commissioned by Jan Rotmans and KSI. After a week of locking ourselves up in a smoky repetition space at Amsterdam’s NDSM shipyards we’ll present the preview of what will become a touring music-theatre play: stay tuned ANIMA 2 – rei, Exhibition KANTOR 2014 – A Music, Performance, Art & Technology Weekend, 14 to 16 november, De Sloot Office, Amsterdam After the overwhelming response on ANIMA 1 – iki, and after weeks of no sleep, we’re ready for the second generation of ANIMA. Now setteling in at the lovely KANTOR: This weekend of music, performance, art & technology transforms empty office space into a lively cultural playground. Sloganeered as ‘the official cultural takeover’, Kantor unites up-and-coming creative forces with established cultural institutions such as EYE, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet and Rotterdam’s Boijmans van Beuningen Museum. Partners: PufferFish, Beamsystems, The Creators Project, AFK ( Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst) Henny Vrienten album release “En toch…”  6 november, Melkweg, Amsterdam Twenty-three years after his last solo album Henny Vrienten is back with the album “En toch …”.   The set of brand new songs from the legendary singer of the band Doe Maar will be guided by My Baby and Xander Vrienten on bass. Excited to work one of the most amazing musicians from Dutch soil, and then My Baby’s.. Just too much awesomeness for a thursday night.. Halloween Party/Intrepid, 31 october, some bunker at Oostelijke Handelskade, Amsterdam Making footage for this event is just too much fun. My only contribution to Halloween: I’m going to freak you drugheads out. May you never sleep again. MTV European Music Award preparty, show direction/video, 22 october, Odeon, Amsterdam A boost to my addiction of beeing under constant pressure: directing de show/video for the official MTV, European Music Awards preparty for the Best Dutch Act 2014.. I’ll be humming along with Depeche Mode “And I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough” A crazy party with Hollands-trots, aparently Chef’Special, Hardwell and Martin Garrix and the rightful winner Kensington.. ANIMA 1 – iki, Exhibition Amsterdam Dance Event, 15 to 19 october, Het Volkshotel (Canvas), Amsterdam Together with music producer Nick Verstand and in close collaboration with Onformative studio (DE) João Fonseca and Geert Schaap, I’ve been working on a project that shall premiere during ADE. Iki is the first iteration in a series that explores the nature of living things. The installation investigates how we emotionally relate to a digital being. In order to better understand this relationship we created ANIMA: a spherical digital entity that communicates with us by interpreting our body movements and sounds. A generative being that comes to life through interaction. Like with any being, we establish a relationship with it, conscious or subconscious, intended or unintentional. In its generative audiovisual behaviour it portrays its character, and creates the illusion of being sensory. Partners: Amsterdam Dance Event, PufferFish, Beamsystems, VolksHotel, The Creators Project  ADE Playground, ‘Big Words’ installation at the Van Gogh museum Friday-nights, october 14, Amsterdam For the occasion of the ADE takeover of Amsterdam, the installation becomes part of the official ADE playground program: The project has allready reached over a thousand participants, I’m touched and very proud. Permanent installation at the Van Gogh museum Friday-nights, october 4 to 31, Amsterdam Honored to be asked for the friday-nights of the Van Gogh Museum. This october edition is all about family and the special and unique bond van Gogh had with his brother Theo. For this I decided to design a digital installation for the fridaynight visitors to use. Over the night the atrium will be taken over by the people and filled with words and drawings, messages and poetry.. But will be gone when the guards switch off the lights for the night. My main goal for this event was to give the walls to the people, open up the space to leave your message, free and open to share your thoughts on the 500 square meters of the van Gogh museums walls. Layer over layer over layer until there’s so much love, messages and drawings that it becomes impossible to decipher. And of course face-twitter-gram your messages #vangoghfridaynights, we’re  never confined to the space we’re in. #fhastogetherselfaunicornglitteringtwitteraccountasap   U.K. TOUR WITH MY BABY, 1 to 4 october, London, England Our voodoo has been summoned and will take us to England. Ready to rock with My Baby and blow away the London crowd. A mini tour for now since I have to get back to Amsterdam in time for ADE…   Anthony McCall masterclass, september 29, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam Very exited to take part in the masterclass of one of my favorite artists Anthony McCall. He has been an inspiration because of his cross-disciplinary practice in which film, sculpture, installation, drawing and performance overlap. McCall was a key figure in the avant-garde London Film-makers Co-operative in the 1970s. He gained international recognition through his ‘solid light’ film series, notably Line Describing A Cone (1973) which was presented at the ever-awesome Sonic Acts festival in 2010.   Songs In Fim, september 28, Dutch Fim Festival, Tivoli, Utrecht Looking forward to collaborate with the great musicians Henny Vrienten, Vincent van Warmerdam, Djurre de Haan & My Baby during their performance of songs in films at NFF. The festival is an annual film festival in Holland and attracts over 100.000 national and international visitors.   Mediamatic – Kunstformen der natur, september 18, Mediamatic factory, Amsterdam Mediamatic invited me to work with the amazing work of German biologist Ernst Haeckel and lithographer Adolf Giltsch. I took the work as an inspiration for my performance during the opening of the exhibition in the Mediamatic factory. Ever since the release of  Kunstformen Der Natur (1904), the beautiful illustrations have proven to be a continuous source of inspiration for designers, artists, architects, illustrators and biologists. What make these images so special that, to this day, they have stayed relevant and influential in both the artistic and scientific community?   Morgenavond, september 13, Canvas op de 7e, Amsterdam is hosting at Canvas for a spontaneous session, a 3 hr deep, experimental, yet romantic live set form Satori spiced up with funky and mysterious visuals by F that shall fit the cozy & groovy Canvas perfectly.