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Figures of Motion_SAC_Frouke_ten_Velden_TEFAF (23)
Figures of Motion_SAC_Frouke_ten_Velden_TEFAF (2)
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SenCity_scenografie_Frouke-ten-Velden (1)
TimeSpace Frouke ten Velden (8)-topaz-enhance-1920h
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Resonance-frouke ten velden_mu (13)
IRIS NDSM NO ART frouke ten velden (4)
FYEO Schemerlicht premiere_Frouke ten Velden (5)
Eventide_AnoukvanKalmthout_frouke ten velden - house of makers (16)
Eventide_AnoukvanKalmthout_frouke ten velden - house of makers (1)
Tania Kross_Van Curacao tot Concertgebouw_(c)Anne van Zantwijk-2-topaz-enhance-1028h-faceai
SAC TEFAF MAastricht
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Something about me

Visualizing music lies at the heart of my work. I explore this through my artworks, which are light installations in many shapes and forms. Besides my autonomous work, I love to collaborate on music and theater pieces where I combine stage design, visuals, and lighting design. I don’t mind the scale or whether it’s for a touring production or a one-time event, as long as the people I work with have a story to tell that I can help them express. Throughout the years, I’ve made friends through collaborations—beautiful, challenging, personal or megalomaniacal projects. I find it important to always be able to work & play. I feel lucky to have worked with so many kind people over the years theater crew, curators, producers, sitebuilders, volouteers working at festivals and exhibition spaces, as well as with other creatives in the music, dance, or art scene

As Studio Frouke ten Velden, I collaborate with colleagues to match the specific needs and skills required for each project. For various productions, I work with a diverse group of creatives, including musicians, composers, stage directors, light designers, and visual artists. If you’d like to meet me for a coffee and a chat, please send me an email at 

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