Kinetic light sculpture | The Light Bulb

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Within my work as a VJ I am dealing with meaning and the perception of information trough different media like sound, and vision. Moreover how the world, a space and its physical objects are perceived in our brain, questioning reality as it appears to us.

I consider light as energy rather than static mass and therefore as a medium. Unlike other media such as text, video or even speech, the notions of light, sound and thought carry no other medium within them. The Light Bulb project is the result of a research on pure information wherein the medium light functions as my material for audio visualization

Within this project I am exploring the sculpture as material for VJing. For this object I work with the basic notion of light that travels trough space and is intersected by physical material where after it is reflected, absorbed transformed or intensified. I do not use video projection or a computer; therefore the work is not a carrier of information, but projects from itself, alike media theorist Marshall McLuhans notion of the light bulb, he is known for his statement that without the electric light the room would not exist, therefore the room is the content or information even, of the electric light.

The sculpture has various elements that can move, as a performer I am able to trigger the movement by electromotors. In contrast to various installations I have done in the past where the computer makes the visual ensemble responsive to its environment, in this case the movement is not caused by sensors but by the real physical world that could even be air currents and touch.

It uses the radiance of electric light to undermine the physicality of the object which is the source of that radiance, exploiting the fact that light projects away from its source and makes its way trough space to rest at some distance from the object itself.

The registration was made during the group exhibition on Artistic Research Variations/Uniformity – June 2014

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