BIG WORDS | Van Gogh Museum

BIG WORDS, temporary installation at the Van Gogh Museum

This work was commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum. For an upcoming exhibition, they were focussing on the theme of family and the special bond Vincent had with his brother Theo. For this, I decided to design an installation for the Friday night visitors to use. Over the night the atrium will be taken over by the people and filled with words and drawings, messages and poetry. But will be gone when the guards switch off the lights for the night. My main goal for this event was to give the walls to the people, open up the space to leave your message, free and open sharing your thoughts on the 500 square meters of the van Gogh museums walls. Layer over layer over layer until there are so many statements, jokes, messages, and drawings that it becomes impossible to decipher. This project was a production.

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