\\VECTOR X at Adam Toren

Artist Statement

“As live visual performers, we bring our tools, which are basically just a set of rules, a composition or a method which enables us to work live. (…) I use VJ as an umbrella term for most of my work, it’s not necessarily referring to video, so even when I find myself welding sculptures. For me, it feels all the same: Creating content, content to work with, live.”

“As a VJ I’m not only in dialogue with the music and the audience but also with the space. My material to work with is projected video content, where the video content exists on the surface: the function of the surface is to carry information. With \\VECTOR I try to work from the inside out, from the sculpture, outwards”

This version of the work was shown at teh Loft during Vertical Festival A’dam & Eve and was booked by their visual partner VeeJays.com

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