Love Dance | MY BABY

Remedy II, Music Video – MY BABY
From the album ‘Shamanaid’

A futuristic-noir inspired trip, a surrealist look at a journey through time, an expressionist tale of a girl lost in dreams

My baby lay down feeling all forlorn
Yet ready to leap up and ride the unicorn
If not seen through her eyes
Time is like a web of lies
From the cusp of creation
To the edge of her imagination

Director’s note Frouke ten Velden

“MY BABY’s visuals style is as diverse and original as their sound. We’ve tried to combine a psychedelic spiritual trip with the aesthetics of a twenties fotostudio and graphical projections. A great inspiration was the Film Noir style that we tried to combine with modern editing tricks. Unique for this video is the incorporation of live VeeJaying techniques (overlays, mixing and mashing with the music), making a direct connection to the VJ experience at MY BABY’s club shows where we aim to do the same; To take the audience on a journey with visual storytelling.”



Direction, Editing & Post Production
Frouke ten Velden

Lars Berg, Tim van Dorp

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