Lundi Bleu | performing Sjostakovitsj

Scenography, light and video design & live visuals

Inspired by the works of Oskar Fischinger.
To be an artist under Stalins Regime was tough and complicated. He wrote this piece right after Stalin’s death in 1953, this was the biggest step towards Shostakovich’s rehabilitation as a creative artist, which was marked by his Tenth Symphony. It features a number of musical quotations and codes. Whilst the savage second movement, according to Testimony, is intended as a musical portrait of Stalin himself.

In this piece I aimed to travel trough early Russia, liberation and rage, reflection and resignation towards the final, positive resurrection

Traveling from Socialist realism towards Formalism and (Abstract ) Expressionism

String Ochestra Lundi Bleu olv Carel den Hertog
Sjostakovitsj, Symfony for string orchestra, on.118a (Arr. Barshai)

In addition to this performance Free Loops commissioned me to make an Oskar Fischinger pack which you can download HERE

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