Somnium | AV Dance performance

Somnium – Latin for dream – It is an ambitious performance of musical compositions, sound collages, light, visuals and modern dance, which put together a carefully staged dream world to life. The terrain that is explored is the human subconscious mind.

This Audio Visual Dance performance. An experience played in a large white inflatable dome wherein the audience takes part in a trip through the emotional life played out by dancer Mirjam van Duin and Geert van de Velde live. Light and visuals are synchronized and interact with the dance and soundscape.

Concept and music: Geert van de Velde aka The Black Atlantic
Choreography and Dance: Mirjam van Duin
Direction: Jeek ten Velden
Technical production: Serge Aanstoot
Visuals and lights: Frouke ten Velden
VJ 2:  VISH/Lisa DC

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