Calendar 2017

MY BABY ::::: End of the Year Extravaganza, 23 December,  Tivoli, Utrecht

Somnium, Audio-Visual dance theatre, 21 December, De Lawei, Drachten


F for VeeMee, ING Winterparty, 14 December, AFAS Live, Amsterdam

MY BABY ::::: Prehistoric Rythm  FALL TOUR

23/11 Paard Den Haag

24/11 013 Tilburg

25/11 013 Tilburg

30/11 de Gieterij Maastricht

1/12 Grenswerk Venlo

2/12 Patronaat Haarlem

16/12 Neushoorn Leeuwarden

MY BABY:: Eastern Europe Tour,

12/11 Zagreb

11/11 Lubliana

09/11 Bucharest

Somnium, Immersive  Audio-Visual Dance Experience,  November 4&5, Leeuwarden

I’ve had the pleasure of working on this amazing piece. AV and light controlled and connected.

Concept and music: The Black Atlantic

Choreography and Dance: Mirjam van Duin
Direction: Jeek ten Velden
Technical production: Serge Aanstoot
Visuals and lights by me/Frouke ten Velden VJ 2 VISH/Lisa DC

F for VeeMee, VAMA, Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest, Romania

VAMA is one of Romania’s most popular rock bands. It was founded around Tudor Chirila and Eugen Caminschi who split up from VAMA VECHE, a highly appreciated band founded in 1996. Continuing the tradition of the former band VAMA became one of the most beloved local groups.

F for VeeMee, Les Mills live @ Westergasfabriek, October 7, Amsterdam

The wildest and most grazie gig of the year so far.

Project Insides, September 29, Westerunie, Amsterdam

Excited to work with this new organization with a great feel for my favorite DJ’s, a production

Exhibiting \\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture at Galerie Bart, September 23, De Nijmeegse Kunstnacht, Nijmegen

Really honored that my sculpture was part of the program The Art of Dance at Kunstnacht Nijmegen, curated by Doornroosje.

MY BABY, Breda Barst, September 17, Breda

360 VJ performance @ Supperclub, August 4, Amsterdam

Indoor Festival 4 Vision Impossible, July 15, Hemkade, Amsterdam

MY BABY, Bospop, July 9, NL

Het Nationale Opera en Ballet, Amsterdam AM I, 8+9 July, De Stopera, Amsterdam

Dutch National Ballet develops, produces and presents ballet at the highest international level. With Amsterdam AM I, we aim to reach a wide public and bring today’s audience into contact with the beauty and passion of this art form.

Amsterdam AM I, is a collaboration with the Nationale Opera & Ballet en Het Balletorkest and is a production.

Down the Rabbit Hole + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 23

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Down The Rabbit Hole says adventure, confusion, surrealism and psychedelics, which has been an inspiration for (psycho) rockers, DJs, artists, designers and filmmakers ever since the rise of the pop culture in the uncurbed 1960s… Good company, so get ready to tumble… _(CHECK LAST YEARS PERFORMANCE HERE)

Mystic Garden Festival, COMPOUND stage, June 17, Amsterdam 

Great to be back again with my friends from COMPOUND music, looking forward to this awesome day of raw techno. The Mystic Garden is a paradise where time has no meaning. It is a place where people can discover the Magic of an enchanted secret place where life and music and creativity come together.

5 O’ Clock Class, Dance, theater De Meervaart, June 16, Amsterdam

(live) scenography for the dance piece 5 O’Clock Class.

5 embodies 5 elements: fire, water, earth, metal, wood.
Every element contains the characteristics: Creation, Destruction, Insulting and Overacting. These profound characteristics motivated us in inspiring the creation of a 5 O’Clock Class sharing of diversity.

Pinkpop + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 4

Ribs and Blues + MY BABY Prehistoric Rhythm, June 4

PinkPop is the oldest and longest running annual dedicated pop and rock music festival in the world. Nowadays, Pinkpop is a three-day festival, with a 60,000 people per day capacity. During 44 editions acts that appeared at Pinkpop are Green Day, Paul McCartney, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, The Police, R.E.M., The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and U2.

De Dijk, GROEF, scenography, a touring production of 32 shows, april- june 2017

Honored to have made the videodeor for De Dijk. This legendary band left its traces in the Dutch music scene. De Dijk toured over 35 years in Rock and pop venues, arenas and festivals all over the country and are now comming to the theatre with their new show GROEF (groove). Directed by Timothy de Gilde, decor by Janne Sterke.

Exhibiting \\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture at LPM -Live Performers Meeting, 18-21 May, Radion, Amsterdam

Honored to be part of the biggest international Live Performers meet-up. LPM 2017 Amsterdam offers the unique opportunity to experience 4 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by artists, professionals, and video passionates from 40 countries.

Het Vrije Westen, Bevrijdings Festival Amsterdam, May 5, Amsterdam

Back again on Liberation Day weher  I’ll be VeeJaying Mainstage at the annual Amsterdam festival where liberation and freedom are celebrated.

Bevrijdings Festival Utrecht + MY BABY, May 5, Utrecht

Hopping over to Utrecht for a closing set with MY BABY…

\\VECTOR – VJ Sculpture 2.0 at Rio Mapping Festival, April 3- May 3, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil

Excited to be part of Rio Mapping Festival 2017. After \\VECTOR which premiered during Amsterdam Dance Event, I’ll be making a site-specific piece \\VECTOR 2.0 to exhibit and perform during Rio Mapping Festival

\\VECTOR PERFORMATIVE SCULPTURE, Steel, fabric, mirrors, led, projection mapping

\\VECTOR is sponsored by Resolume VJ Software & DiGidot Technologies

Prehistoric Rhythm tour, MY BABY 2017

17/03 Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
23/03 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
29/03 De Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
30/03 Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2017

After a great success in the first part of the tour, we’re coming back with again a series of twenty more theatre shows for which I did art direction, stage design and will be joining to do live visuals. For the second half I’m really happy to have VEEMEE visuals continue the show while I’m off to Brazill with \\VECTOR-VJ sculpture.

Van Dik Hout Theatertour 2017









Van Dik Hout on stage, january 5, Paradiso, Amsterdam

good start of the year with Van Dik Hout, no theatre show this time, we’ll be rocking ur socks off at Paradiso.

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