Calendar 2022

Feb-Mei Tania Kross met Ernst Munneke en Randal Corsen, Van Curaçao tot Het Concertgebouw, touring production, NL

Scenography, deocr, video and light design.

To celebrate her first quarter century as a singer, Tania Kross will perform a series of exclusive anniversary recitals with her two musical friends. Tania with wings! An intimate concert with attention to the musical highlights in her career and to her island of Curaçao.

22/4 Tarik O’Regan Mass Observation, Groot Omroepkoor,AVROTROS Vrijdagconcert, Tivoli vreedenburg 


4/3  Cirque Mystique festival, a magic circus set in the relics of the Hembrugterrein.

11/01 Time Space at Schouwburg Hengelo, Immersive live performance

Audio visual spatial light installation. Together with composer Nicholas Thayer, director and choreographer Peter Leung and dancer Toon Loobach we create an innovative  immersive dance-theatre piece Time Space. We aim to create a revised view of the Gesamtkunstwerk in which we shall synthesize different media, the role and position of the performer and the audience experience.

November- January, 10 years of FUSE fall tour, Touring Production, NL

Light design and artistic co-creation with FUSE: FUSE celebrates their 10th anniversary, with a lot of music, old loves and brand new notes, selections from 8 years of Podium Witteman and much more.

November-December, Art installation IRIS, At Schouwart, Hengelo.

This winter the work IRIS will be exhibited at Schouwburg Hengelo. For which I designed  a speciffic composition for their main hall, at de Vide.

16/12 Rotterdam Rave, VJ, Now & Wow, Maassilo, Rotterdam

05/11 Museumnacht Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Live visual performance at N8 at Eye

22/10 ADE Punt. X Bloom, Oosterbar, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Dance event, live set. Amotik (DE), Break Rules Enjoy (NL), Cristian Marras (DE), Fabio Florido (IT), Randy Knobs (NL), Reka Zalan (DE), Stallo (DE)

14/10 Radio Filharmonisch Orkest speelt Klassieke Top 400, Tivoli,  Utrecht

Visual scenography  and live perfomance, AVROTROS Vrijdagconcert. The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in collaboration with special guest musicians perform a selection from the top 400 of classical music.

June – Sept RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam, video installation, Modern Japans Lak | Modern Japanese lacquer.

A commissioned work to create a space to bring the visitors into a state of silence & slowing down and film the objects up close.

The space shows three circles slowly moving extreme closeups. The exhibition design was done by studio Irma Boom. The film is accompanied by a soundscape Nicholas Thayer made from recordings of the traditional polishing of the boxes with charcoal. The exhibition was curated by Menno Fritski. 

13/08 Rotterdam Rave, VJ, Now & Wow, Maassilo, Rotterdam

29+30/07 No Art Festival,  presenting a new work: IRIS, expo and festival, NDSM, Amsterdam

Iris is a light installation that makes use of natural light during the day and comes alive at night by becoming a source of light itself. The work is named after the Greek goddess Iris, also referred to as the goddess of color. She wears “A coat of many colors” she manifests as a rainbow and is known as goddess of communication and new encounters. The installation is made of colored glass that generates shadows and reflections. The changing position of the sun generates new compositions, and the doubling of the panels create new color combinations. Color has a direct impact on our emotions, when you meet Iris she will look different every time. As a visitor you are invited to become part of the installation, by entering the installation Iris shows that a body can be part of a space, instead of a body that stands in front of a work of art.

02/07 MY BABY, Showdesign visuals, Down The Rabbit Hole, festival NL

17/06 MY BABY, Showdesign visuals, PINKPOP, festival NL

06/05 Rotterdam Rave presenting TRYM all night long, VJ, Maassilo, Rotterdam


April-July 2022  MEROL, Troostprijs, Touring Prodcution

Scenography, stage and light design.
Her debut album ‘Troostprijs’ (Consolation Prize )will be released on April 15, 2022, in collaboration with Universal Music. It is a fresh, quirky pop record with music that comforts you. Comfort with fear of failure, of being left out, with fomo but also with perfectionism. The record is an ode to all late bloomers and misfits. “Don’t be bothered about the expectations of others and set your own bar. Give me that Consolation Prize.” said MEROL.


22+23/04 Manusama Nuance, Evolving the spectrum between FASHION and ART, MOMO FESTIVAL, Rotterdam

Together with  Mirjam Manusama and visual artist CJ Perez and her team we will be creating a two day experience-exhibition that centers around Manusama connecting her art and fashion with other medium. Mirjam invited other artists to create work  that respond to and is inspired by her artwork and concepts.
The avant-garde fashion designs of the Rotterdam Mirjam Manusama leave plenty of room for ambiguity: her clothing is not tied to a specific gender or season. Get rid of restrictive standards, give way to self-expression, innovation and sustainability


20/05 Thomas van Dun – Light Mass,  Dag in De Branding festival, The Hague

New audio visual work in collaboartion with composer Thomas van Dun.
Composer Thomas van Duns field of activity covers the entire spectrum between symphony orchestra and dance. The performers are Ensemble Klang and the adventurous organist Geerten van de Wetering. Music, light and projections will immerse the audience in a total experience.
Geerten van de Wetering, organ / Ensemble Klang / Frouke ten Velden, visuals


11/02 DE NACHT STAAT OP! protestactie, Paradiso Amsterdam


Dec 2021- Jan 2022 , Public art/Site speciffic videomapping CANVAS – Technicolor, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden

After all the heartwarming reactions of last year, projection artwork CANVAS – Technicolor by video artist Frouke ten Velden can be seen again this year on the facade of Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie. With the new lockdown, it is time to look for bright spots in the dark days around Christmas and New Years. With the new artwork by Frouke ten Velden, De Harmonie wants to offer the public cheerfulness and inspiration, even in these times when the doors of the theater are closed.


17/01  MEROL, live show, Eurosonic Noorderslag, Oosterpoort, Groningen

ESNS will take place online, this was our firts showcase of MEROL’s upcomming tour for which I was asked to do the design and scenography.
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