Calendar 2018

NYE, F for VEEMEE, TIKTAK, December 31, Massilo, Rotterdam

\\VECTOR sculpture, A’dam & Eve vertical festival, December 22, Adam Toren, Amsterdam

Great to be back at Adam Tower where  I’ll be doing a performance with my VJ sculpture.

Dutch String Orchestra (youth) – American Journey, December 16, Paradiso Amsterdam

Scenography for this amazing orchestra. From immigrants who took European classical music to the first composers with their own American sound – and from minimal music from Philip Glass to bluegrass, negro spirituals, and pop music.  Tom Trapp writes a new work especially for the NJSO and Mascha van Nieuwkerk on cello.  An American journey.

PXL, Amsterdam Light Festival, December 15, Paradiso Amsterdam

A wonderland of light and beats.

Paradiso becomes a dance temple of light. On the music of Japanese techno legend Ken Ishii, local heroes and many other artists, as many as 20 different VJs and light artists illuminate the light. PXL is an official partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival and is organized by Paradiso i.s.m. and Vision Impossible.

Pieces Of Tomorrow, The Radio Filharmonisch Orchestra, November 17, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

Typex, Andy Warhol en Paradiso presents It’s EPI night,  Nevember 7 , Paradiso

The appearance of the graphic novel TYPEX ‘ANDY, about the life of Andy Warhol, celebrated in all three rooms of Paradiso. With film, dance, art and noise!

Pieces Of Tomorrow, The Radio Filharmonisch Orchestra, October 18, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

05.10 AMSTERDAM Melkweg Amsterdam

06.10 BRUSSELS Ancienne Belgique – AB

11.10 PARIS Café De la Danse

13.10 LONDON The Garage

17.10 BERLIN Bi Nuu


20.10 ZWOLLE, Hedon

25.10 GRONINGEN, Oosterpoort

26.10 NIJMEGEN, Doornroosje

27.10 EINDHOVEN, Effenaar

28.10 ROTTERDAM, Annabel

Shambala, with MY BABY,  August 24, UK

Us Buorman Yn Tallinn, a theatrical installation piece, May-July, NL Tour

Makers Lourens van den Akker and Eelco Venema went on a journey through Eastern Europe in an old Catalan ambulance in search of the European dream. They process their experiences in a video installation on the same bus with which they traveled. From May 2018 this installation will be on show at various festivals, where the audience can undergo a European Dream Trip.

Sziget, with MY BABY, August 8, Budapest, Hungary
Exited to perform at Sziget! is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe.

Exit Festival, with MY BABY,  July 15, Serbia

Live Scenography, Dance performance Aalsmeer studios, July 8 & 14, NL 

Dreamfields Festival F for VEEMEE, Rhederlaag, July 7, NL

5 O’Clock Class, Dance Performance, June 30 and Juli 1, theater de Meervaart

Dance performance by promising students for Amsterdam Dance Academy.

“Maxavision Revisited” The Peter Rubin Collection, VJ performance, June 29, Escape, Amsterdam

Lecture performance ism UvA, & Eye Film Institute. Very excited to re-enact for a second time a VJ performance of Peter Rubin, legendary and pioneer in the VJ scene.

Boothstock Festival, June 9, Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam

Afterhillls music & Arts Festival for VeeMee Visuals, May 31 to June 3, Lasi, Romania

VeeJaying mainstage at one of the largest music & art festivals of Romania, 4 days of rocking the screens with amazing national and international, musicians and DJs.

Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam, May 5, Westerpark, Amsterdam

Annual Liberation day festival.

MY BABY, May 5, Den Bosh

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, 7 April @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra is a symphony orchestra based primarily in Amsterdam. It brings classical music to life at the highest level and collaborates closely with international musicians and conductors. Both orchestras take great pleasure in developing and welcoming new musical talent

MY BABY, 50 jaar Paradiso, March 29, Paradiso, Amsterdam

\\VECTOR Performative Sculpture, Vertical festival A’dam + Eve,  March 11, Adam Toren, Amsterdam

House of makers, dance-theatre, 10-12 March, Ostade theater, Amsterdam

Eventide,  by the House Of Makers, where my Sculptures were part of this Immersive dance theatre experience..

Creative Direction: Sterre van Rossem & Peter Leung
Light design: Hendrik Walther
Installation art: Frouke ten Velden
Video & Visual: Willem Stapel
Composer / Sound designer: Nicholas Robert Thayer
Text: Sterre van Rossem
Choreography: Peter Leung
Dancers: Tess Sturmann, Frederik Kaiser, Carlo Camagni
Actor: Theo de Groot

“Maxavision Revisited” The Peter Rubin Collection, VJ performance, February 15, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam

Very excited to re-enact a VJ performance of Peter Rubin, legendary and pioneer in the VJ scene.  For this project, we have decided to focus on Rubin’s VJ work in the 1980’s and 1990’s, as we see it as the core of this collection, and assess the overlaps between his film and VJ practice. Colleagues at have always had a warm friendship with Peter Rubin as he left him a part of his VHS material. Veejays. com joined forces with Eye film institute to archive his work. At the end of this project, I shall give a VJ performance with VHS alongside my dearest VJ VISH and the VJ Jedi Daan Nolen.

Temporary Video installation, commissioned by VU,  26 January, Singelkerk, Amsterdam

Fris, Lichtfabriek, 26 January, Haarlem

Radio Filharmonisch Orchestra  performing Brahms 1, Pieces of Tomorow, 25 January, Tivoli Vredenburg

MY BABY ::::: EuroSonic Noorderslag, 19 + 20 January, Groningen

Project Insides, Wester Unie, 20 January, Amsterdam

Van Dik Hout  VeeMee for F, 5 Januiary, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Tropical Retreat 1-15 January, Cabo Verde

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