Calendar 2020

26+27 /10 Timespace, immersive audio visual perfomance, MACA, Amsterdam

A collaborative project where composer Nicholas Robert Thayer, visual artist Frouke ten Velden and director and choreographer Peter Leung search for ways to translate the language of sound and vision into sculpture and musical compositions. We are building a light sculpture that interacts with the space and music and is triggered by live electronics  composed over a multichannel sound installation.

15/10 Tania Kross, Mijn Concertgebouw, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

11/10 Tania Kross, Mijn Concertgebouw, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

8/10 FUSE, November Music, Mikrokosmos, Artemis, Den Bosch

Capella Amsterdam, alBahr – Mare Nostrum, scenography, light installation and design, touring production

24/10 Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht

26/10 De Meervaart, Amsterdam

27/10 De Vereeniging, Nijmegen

28/10 De Philharmonie, Haarlem

29/10 Grote Kerk,  Alkmaar

03/11 Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

05/11 Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag

06/11 Sint Jan, Den Bosch

There is only one sea that “separates” Western and Eastern music: the Mediterranean. That’s our sea, mare nostrum; alBahr in Arabic.

20/09 tm 18/11 Doe Maar, Lijf aan Lijf, clubtour, digitale scenografie [cancelled]

Touring production of 22 shows 

03/09 Doe Maar, Main stage, Cramerock festival, BE 

28/08 Tania Kross, De Uitmarkt, NL 

28/08 Doe Maar, Main stage, Down The Rabbit Hole festival, NL (cancelled)

The first large scale festival since COVID hit us. This will be rad.

9/7 tm 5/9 Maria Louise Was Here, vidomapping, Leeuwarden, NL

From 9 July, the Princessehof presents Maria Louise Was Here. During the summer months, visitors gather in the palace garden for eight weekends, three times a week, late at night for a poetic Son et lumière in which video, music and light come together. A corona-proof open-air event in the middle of Leeuwarden’s historic city center.

Comissioned by Princessehof and Fries Museum. 

1 tm 7/7 Resonance live AV, The World We Live In festival, Groningen 

The World We Live In community arts and educational organisation in Groningen, enabling the power of intentional art-making and creative participation to empower communities by strengthening empathy, sparking discourse, and encouraging solidarity between people.

16/05 Resonance AV performance, at the old DRAKA factory in Amsterdam. 

This week we took refuge in a gem of a space at the old DRAKA factory in Amsterdam. we worked in an unused boiler room where we took steps into creating a spatial graphic score. We held an intimate viewing of the work on the 16th.

1/1 tm 10/2 Video Art installation, CANVAS, at The Harmonie, Leeuwarden, Friesland

De Harmonie supports Leeuwarden residents in Friesland with a beautiful media art project: warm hearts and show that art in culture is and will remain. Even when the doors are forced to be closed to the public. These are two voideo artworks made especially for this purpose by artist Frouke ten Velden, entitled “CANVAS”. ‘CANVAS’ can be seen daily from sunset to 11 p.m.

23/01 AM I – live stream 8.30 pm on Wildeman TV, Project Wildeman

Inspired by the Dadaist and Modernist poetry of Paul van Ostaijen, AI computer generated poetry will be performed live by visuals and repetitive, improvised trumpet playing.

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